• Al Mathal Al A’lā

    The Likeness of the One without Semblance

    A Commentary on As-Salat al Mashishiyyah of Mawlai Abd as-Salam Ibn Mashish – qaddasa_llahu sirrahu wa nawwara marqadah –

    The Salat al Mashishiyyah is well known in the Western regions of the Islamic world and it is a regular part of the invocative traditions of the Shadhili Sufi Order, whose founder, Abul Hasan Ash-Shadhili was the spiritual successor of the ‘author’ of this prayer, Mawlai Abd as Salam Ibn Mashish − may Allah sanctify their secret and fill their graves with light.

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    Al Mathal al A'la 480 x 681
  • Set My Heart on Fire

    Set My Heart on Fire is a collection of sufi poems that chronicle Shahbano Aliani’s inner journey towards wholeness and Homecoming. Shahbano Aliani was initiated in the Shahdili Darqawi Sufi Order by Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema in 2009

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  • Shadow of The One

    There is only Light until The One casts the veils that create the multiplicity in which we have being. It is from within the shadows that we seek The Light. We are all shadows looking inwards for the Light, Love and Truth.

    This collection of inspirational and raw poems from the heart speaks to all as we search for understanding of our existence. This selection of poems by various members of the Zawia Ebrahim Facebook page is a useful compilation for people on the path of spiritual growth.

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  • Source of Inspiration

    These poems come from Source. What does that mean? I believe we have the ability to tap into a creative pool in a variety of media and activities. Entering this creative flow is a process that one learns either consciously or unconsciously. It has been called many things, described again and again. Yet, it remains
    a mystery.

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  • The Two Sandals

    Intention, Attention and the Journey of Becoming Human

    This book gives you tools to free yourself from the web of limitations, by applying the metaphorical two sandals of Intention and Attention in order to rediscover that ecstatic, magical being who you were before you became defined, before you were made a person among people.

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    TheTwoSandals Cover
  • The Leader’s Ladder

    The Leader’s Ladder is a different kind of leadership book – the closest you can get to a comprehensive, and still easily readable, leadership handbook.

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  • Intent

    Exploring the Core of Being Human

    Intent is an exploration of what sits at the very core of being human, our intentions. It is a simple explanation in contemporary language and logic on how understanding the use of our intent can unlock the door to comprehending the vast spectrum of human experience.

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    Intent - Etsko Schuitema
  • Leadership

    The Care and Growth Model

    The key variable that accounts for the success of any Organisation is the degree to which it’s members commit to the objectives of the Organisation, pursue them because they want to rather than because they have to and are willing to commit discretionary effort toward their achievement. This book explores what sort of leadership creates these conditions, that not only focuses on personal excellence, but also on mobilising others.

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    Leadership - Etsko Schuitema - 480
  • Beyond Management

    Toward Establishing Ethical Business

    Based on a decade’s research into the problem of employee discontent, this book makes a critical contribution to understanding the fundamental causes of conflict in the workplace.

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  • The Postulates of The Thematic

    ‘The Postulates of the Thematic’ was originally written as the postscript to ‘Intent’. It is the essence of the book, distilled into sixty eight points or ‘postulates’. These postulates look at psychology, sociology, economics, the sociology of small groups, business science, social anthropology, and political science.

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    The Postulates of the Thematic
  • The Millenium Discourses

    The Millennium Discourses is a collection of dars (discourses) given by Etsko Schuitema usually delivered by the shaykh after a session of dhikr (remembrance or invocation). It is never rehearsed or prepared and can be described as the process whereby the shaykh teases out a theme which becomes apparent to him in the few moments of silence that follow.

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    The Millennium Discourses - 480
  • For All Intents & Purposes

    The world in which we live has become very small. The inter-connectedness of all things has never been more apparent. With technology has come great change. Transparency has become the cultural norm, especially in the West with its popular engagement with the social network of the virtual world.

    This is all merely the cultural expression of the exploration of what it is to be human. This is not a discovery, but a return. A return to the human being. The being who is naturally curious, who pushes the boundaries of modernity, but who also has ancient blood running through their veins. With this return have come many expressions and explorations of our deeply rooted sensibilities and creativity.

    Intent Publishing endeavours to capture streams of our collective energy, both past and present, in order to produce books that not only have intrinsic value, but also share and transmit this in a beneficial and constructive manner. If we can publish books that enable people to enrich their lives in a simple, non-jargonized way, then we will have seen through a noble objective.

    As much as there is discord on the Earth, there is also a global shift in people’s awareness and an unveiling of ignorance is happening at a grass roots level. This unveiling has a realistic sense of stability and longevity founded on mutual respect. The movement may seem small but we have conviction that it will grow. We would like to find those involved and print their words.

  • Our Publications

    • LeadersLadderCover
    • TheTwoSandals Cover
    • 480
    • Al Mathal al A'la 480 x 681
    • Beyond Management
    • Intent - Etsko Schuitema
    • Leadership - Etsko Schuitema - 480
    • The Postulates of the Thematic
  • Book Reviews

    • bobalt

      The Postulates are very profound, thought-provoking observations on the nature of man, the Universe, mans relation to the Universe, other men and social organisations. I sincerely recommend this book to all conscientious seekers of truth, and to those who are involved in the pursuit of excellence in the conduct of their own lives.

      Bob Tucker, former CEO of The Banking Council, South Africa

      Etsko Schuitema expresses in clear, contemporary language the core teachings of tasawwuf. These discourses convey a message that is consistent, direct and powerful. The truth of these inspired writings goes straight to the hearts of those who seek Reality and Meaning. Real change or transformation is possible only when the heart is touched and opened in this way.

      Shahbano Aliani, Senior Manager, Thardeep Rural Development Programme
    • amateek

      Etsko Schuitema has reached to the core of the human condition. He has laid out the entire Sufic Path, freed it from unnecessary embellishments and mystical terminology. Within the apparent simplicity of the text lies profound meaning.

      Amatullah Armstrong, author, The Lamp of Love
    • rarap

      In identifying the traits of a leader, Etsko has redefined leadership: it is not about power structures or privilege or advantage; rather, it is natural leadership, concerned with authentic personal traits which gain natural recognition amongst fellow humans. This is what makes Leadership an exceptionally valuable read for those seeking a framework to organize in an interconnected, fairer, and as they say a post-catastrophic world.

      Ramla Akhtar, founder of The Changemakers Hub
    • Denis-Waitley2

      A wake up call for managers who would strive to be leaders. Etsko Schuitema transforms the words power and empowerment into living, breathing ways of human interaction. Authentic leaders earn respect of others , rather than demanding it. This book illustrates the authentic, timeless Care and Growth Model.

      Dr. Denis Waitley, author of The Seeds of Greatness
    • francoisalt

      The power of this theory lies in its authenticity. This is not just another guideline or inspirational book it speaks to the fundamental value system of a leader. I support Volker Hoogbergs view that: “The insights that Etsko so ably articulates in this book are fresh, basic and consistently helpful to all those who reflect on what they can do for others.”

      Francois Hugo, HR Director, FNB
    • rarap

      The purpose of Intent is to hand the readers a clear, systematic tool with which they may identify and discern the stages of their growth as a sentient human being. This is not a book to read through and put away, but a text to savour over years and to practice over a lifetime. It is a key to the mystery of human character, the unlocking is up to the reader.

      Ramla Akhtar, founder of The Changemakers Hub
    • grahamcircle

      I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a genuine interest in using everyday life experiences to grow in a holistic way as a human being. It gives us a framework for our growth as human beings, throughout our lives.

      Graham Edwards, CEO A.E.L.
    • Our Authors


      Dr Michael Jordaan, CEO of one of the four dominant banks in South Africa, has referred to Etsko as “the philosopher for the 21st Century” and a “man who has gone far beyond what the late Abraham Maslow called 'self-actualisation'”.


      Shahbano is a Human Excellence Consultant by profession. She is married and the mother of one daughter. Her personal interests include poetry and calligraphy. She has a life-long fascination with the issues of inner growth, ethical leadership and the conditions that inspire people to transcend their self-interest, to excel and contribute.

      shahbano for IP

      Abu Faydan Faridi, alias Muhammad Harun Riedinger, was born in 1947 in Germany. Age 27 he set out on a journey to the East in pursuit of his spiritual aspirations. A profound mystical experience eventually led him to accepting Islam in Pakistan in 1975. There he pursued Islamic studies for some time, and also met his master Hadrat Shahidullah Faridi - may Allah sanctify his secret - who initiated him into the Sufi Path. After his master passed away, he undertook the pilgrimage, lived in Madinah for a year, and then traveled widely, associating with a number of scholars and masters of various orders. In 2011, Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema of the Shadhili-Darqawi order conferred on him the authorization of a Sufi shaykh; he presently lives in Karachi.

      abu faydan for IP

      Pat, an expatriate from the US, now resides in Brazil. She started writing poetry four years ago when she felt a calling to do so, even though she had never liked or read poetry. Since that time she has posted more than 9000 poems that she says comes from Source, thus the name of her blog: Source of Inspiration. When asked why she writes poetry, she simply said, “Because I have to. To not do so would mean to never listen to that guiding voice within.”

      2015 Juni 354_1 copy

      Bengt Savén has vast experience from his many years in business management, complemented by a career in academia. He has been on the front line, living the challenges of management, leading both small and large organizations – ranging in size from just three subordinates to well over a thousand. Bengt Savén’s industry experience comes from many organizations in different parts of the world. He has been living and working in Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa and the United States – serving at all levels from first-line management to executive management combined with board of directors assignments. Bengt Savén is currently working part-time as professor of Sustainable Leadership at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and before that, he has served as an adjunct professor of Change Management. By combining his vast practical leadership experience with new theoretical findings, he has managed to evolve the three complementary models that forms the unique core of this book.

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