• TheTwoSandals Cover

    The Two Sandals: Intention, Attention and the Journey of Becoming Human

    We come into the world as scintillating points of awareness. Over time, we develop certain convictions about who we are, and each one of them describes a limitation. This book gives you tools to free yourself from that web of limitations, by applying the metaphorical two sandals of Intention and Attention in order to rediscover that ecstatic, magical being who you were before you became defined, before you were made a person among people.

  • LeadersLadderCover

    The Leader’s Ladder

    Based on a rare combination of diverse academic and leader experiences, Bengt Savén has succeeded in creating a model that, in a unique way, covers everything from essential leadership values to very tangible tools for your everyday leadership. The author invites you on a journey that can take you from being a traditional manager to a leader whom others willingly follow.

  • 480

    The Millenium Discourses

    The Millennium Discourses is a collection of dars (discourses) given by Etsko Schuitema replete with wisdom and insight. Within the Darqawi Sufi order a dars is usually delivered by the shaykh after a session of dhikr (remembrance or invocation). It is never rehearsed or prepared and can be described as the process whereby the shaykh teases out a theme which becomes apparent to him in the few moments of silence that follow.

  • Al Mathal al A'la 480 x 681

    Al Mathal Al A’lā

    The Likeness of the One without Semblance

    Al Mathal Al A’lā is a commentary on the Salat al Mashishiyyah of Mawlai Abd as-Salam Ibn Mashish, well known in the Western regions of the Islamic World and a regular part of the invocative traditions of the Shadhiliyyah Sufi Order.

  • Beyond Management

    Beyond Management

    Based on a decade’s research into the problem of employee discontent, this book makes a critical contribution to understanding the fundamental causes of conflict in the workplace.

  • Intent - Etsko Schuitema

    Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human

    INTENT is an exploration of what sits at the very core of being human, our intentions. It is a simple explanation in contemporary language and logic on how understanding the use of our intent can unlock the door to comprehending the vast spectrum of human experience.

  • Leadership - Etsko Schuitema - 480

    Leadership: The Care and Growth Model

    The key variable that accounts for the success of any Organisation is the degree to which it’s members commit to the objectives of the Organisation, pursue them because they want to rather than because they have to and are willing to commit discretionary effort toward their achievement. This book explores what sort of leadership creates these conditions, that not only focuses on personal excellence, but also on mobilising others.

  • The Postulates of the Thematic

    The Postulates of The Thematic

    ‘The Postulates of the Thematic’ was originally written as the postscript to ‘Intent’. It is the essence of the book, distilled into sixty eight points or ‘postulates’. These postulates look at psychology, sociology, economics, the sociology of small groups, business science, social anthropology, and political science.


    Shadow of The One

    This collection of inspirational and raw poems from the heart speaks to all as we search for understanding of our existence. This selection of poems by various members of the Zawia Ebrahim Facebook page is a useful compilation for people on the path of spiritual growth.

  • set my heart on fire front small

    Set My Heart on Fire

    Set My Heart on Fire is a collection of sufi poems that chronicle Shahbano Aliani’s inner journey towards wholeness and Homecoming. Shahbano Aliani was initiated in the Shahdili Darqawi Sufi Order by Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema in 2009.


    Source of Inspiration

    The first volume in the Source of Inspiration series of poetry books, comprising of a beautiful collection deeply inspiring poems.